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How to magnetize warhammer 40k models?

Most of our customers just want to paint their Warhammer 40k miniatures but for some of them the cool painting isn’t enough. Maybe you didn’t know but our company can apply magnets on your minis as well.

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What tools do you need to magnetize Warhammer 40k models?

If you would like to apply the magnets on warhammer 40k minis We recommend to buy at the beggining these tools:
– Electric drill (it would be great to have different sizes of the drill),
– magnets (It’s recommended to have different sizes of them),
– good source of bright light,
– pad (we recommend colors like pink, white or green)
– pliers,
sharpened knife,
– glue,
tweezers (the typical one and one with curved ending),
– sandpaper.

When you got all required stuff you can proccede to the next steps.

How to magnetize warhammer 40k models

Step 1. Remove the plastic protruding parts from the element

Be carefull while using the knife! Beginners while cutting the parts should do it with opossite direction from yourself.

Cut the plastic and try to make it as flat as possible. If you can’t accomplish flat surface using the knife, use sandpaper instead and polish it to moment when you achieve the effect.

How to magnetize warhammer 40k models

Step 2. Use drill to make hole for the magnets

If you’re using electric drill make sure that it’s fully charged 🔋 before you start making holes. Do it slowly! Rush’s not recommended for the beginners. Make sure that size of your drill isn’t alike too small or too big.

You can check easily if the drill isn’t too small/big when you make hole on other element and insert magnet into it before applying glue.

How to magnetize warhammer 40k models

Step 3. Apply glue to one side of the magnet

Apply small amount of strong glue for one side of the magnet (it makes no difference which side of the magnet you have chosen).

How to magnetize warhammer 40k models

Step 4. Insert glued magnet to the hole that you have drilled

Now you can use tweezers to insert it into the hole that you’ve just drilled.

How to magnetize warhammer 40k models

Step 5. Connect the elements together

Connect all elements together, make sure that the elements are moving smoothly and don’t rubbing other parts while moving.

Final thoughts

Installing the magnets’s taking time process.

Ensure that polarity is correct in each model. It’s helpful when you have atleast 2 miniatures, when you make sure of that you can swap the paws, heads backpacks, weapons etc. easily.

If you’re beggining with installing the magnets on Warhammer minis We recommend you at first to drill some other stuff and practice with making depth of the drill. Variety minis will require from you different intensity of using the drill but with the time you’re going to feel it. Just do it slowly and don’t panic.

Good luck and first of all have fun!

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