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Should you paint a model before assembling?

When it comes to painting models there’re three ways to choose from when painting models.

  1. Painting after asembling whole model
  2. Painting before assembling
  3. Assemble and paint some of the parts

Which one is the best for you and your model? The easiest way is to just follow the steps in instruction of specyfic model painting guide.

Painting after asembling whole model

I think that this’s the easiest way, doing it step by step, first assembling, cleaning mold lines and at the end painting but unfortunately it’s not always possible.

Painting before assembling the model

Thinking ahead, it is often obvious that when you want to assemble e.g tank at first you should paint parts iniside of it and then glue everything correctly. When you’re not sure follow the steps in the instructions. Most of them have step by step guide.

It is often easier for us to reach certain elements separately and finally combine them after all. With this method we paint faster, for example, at the beginning we have separately painting shoulder pads, backpacks, weapons. We leave these parts apart and then paint them with aero.

It is easier and faster when to color details (model head, eyes etc.) when they’re separated from the rest of the model.

Assemble and paint some of the parts

Some of the painters prefer this way, first assembling e.g. arm of the model paint it and then the same with other part of the model.

Final Thoughts

Answering the topic question – It depends on the miniature that you want to paint and lvls of details on it. Some of the models could require from you paint some of the details before assembling and some do not.

Remember that tools (e.g. holders) might help you with painting and in specyfic cases could be even crucial.

holders for the miniatures

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